The CHI St. Vincent Foundation Board of Directors comprises individuals who volunteer their time and resources to operate the Foundation. As of July 2015, they are:

Executive Committe

Rick Fleetwood, Chair
C. Ann Fleming, Vice Chair
Chris Roberts, Secretary
Wendy Saer, Treasurer



Karen Baldridge
Susan Blair
Rick Blank
Gus Blass, III
William Clark
Elizabeth Farris
Eliza Gaines
Denise Hanson
Stacy Hurst
Very Reverend Monsignor Francis I. Malone
Mark Middleton
Robert Seay
Philip Tappan
Kirby Williams
Erin Wood


Chad Aduddell, Chief Executive Officer, CHI St. Vincent
Laura Cook, Senior Vice President Marketing & Development, CHI St. Vincent
Polly Davenport, President, CHI St. Vincent Infirmary & North
Tony Houston, President, CHI St. Vincent Hot Springs
Patrick McCruden, Senior Vice President & Chief Mission Officer, CHI St. Vincent