This page is intended to provide information and streamline the clinical on-boarding process for both students and instructors associated with an affiliated school and program.

If you are coming to one of our facilities as an individual to complete your clinical rotation, click the individual/graduate tab and follow those instructions.

If you are coming to one of our facilities as a cohort (group) of students have your instructor click on group/undergraduate tab and follow those instructions.


 All Nursing Research Studies being conducted at the infirmary must be reviewed by the Evidence Based/ Research Nurse council. Please contact Betsy Hughes, Magnet Manager at [email protected] 


All students must complete the CareLearning Passport Orientation, which requires an annual $10 fee. CareLearning Passport can be accessed at Instructors/students; please make sure that the general modules, including the CHI St. Vincent Module, are completed. The general modules are training requirements for OSHA, CMS, and The Joint Commission along with other regulatory bodies. Should you experience any difficulty with the CareLearning Passport please call 866-617-3904 or email [email protected]. The clinical coordinator at the school will email a complete report that all students have completed their orientation.