A student/non-employee information request must be submitted for on-boarding. This request consists of two steps:

STEP ONE: Apply for clinical rotations. All fields on the application must be complete. The application asks for certain paperwork to be submitted with the application; this paperwork must be submitted with the application.
Click here to apply for rotation.

The CHI St. Vincent Attestation of Covid-19 form must be completed by your coordinator/ instructor. You must attach the form with your application. 
Click here to fill out the form.

Click here to fill out the Confidentiality & Acceptable Use form.

A clear copy of your Care Learning transcript as well as Exhibit A and B from Care Learning is required. If you have completed the St. Vincent module, you should see this form. 
Click here for the Care Learning information.

These modules are training requirements for OSHA, CMS and The Joint Commission along with other regulatory bodies. Please include the “CHI St Vincent Module.” At the end of this module, you will be prompted to sign Exhibit A and B. Should you experience any difficulty with the Care Learning Passport please call 866.617.3904 or email [email protected].

Please note: Rotations lasting a month or less will not be granted access to our systems. This is important to remember if you will need access to medical records/ charts.

All documents are required and we may ask for extra documentation at any time.  

If your rotation will be in the OR, please email [email protected] to inform the education specialist, so he/she can arrange a time with HR to get a badge created for scrubs.

STEP TWO: Students will receive an email from [email protected]

Please check your spam folders with the next step. This step is KEY to processing you for rotations. You will have 5 days from the date that Step 2 is emailed to you to complete it before the request for rotation is canceled and your paperwork is shredded. 

An email will be sent to the student and the coordinator if Step 2 is not complete within the 5 day time frame. We may extend the time frame or reject the application for failure to complete. HR automatically deletes applications every 2 weeks if incomplete.

If you are rejected for failure to complete, please apply again and complete Step 2 immediately. A student cannot begin rotations on any Little Rock, North Little Rock or Morrilton campus until they have been cleared for rotations. Clearance typically occurs when you receive access. (During flu season we require students to have the flu shot to rotate on our campuses, and we will ask for proof.)

Once you are processed, you will be contacted by email with access to charting once it arrives. Access can take a while to arrive so please do not reach out about the status of your access. If the student and coordinator have completed their part, access arrives within a week before rotations begin (but it can arrive earlier).

Thank you & best of luck on your clinical rotations!