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CHI St. Vincent Health System has a partnership in sports performance training with D1 which provides custom sports training programs, expert coaching and the latest in sports therapy. D1 brings to this relationship an elitsports performance training center in Little Rock that has grown dramatically over the last four years. CHI St. Vincent brings to the partnership the skills, knowledge and supporting sports medicine physicians from a 126-year old health system and a nationally recognized Orthopaedic Institute. The coming together of D1 and CHI St. Vincent creates an improved health and wellness initiative unlike any other in Central Arkansas.

In addition to being an equity partner in D1, CHI St. Vincent provides sports therapy services specializing in rehabilitation of athletic injuries in a professional, motivating and sports-oriented environment. Therapy also focuses on helping healthy athletes remain healthy by concentrating on flexibility, agility, stamina and strength training and educating athletes about injury prevention. Athletes with injuries that are beyond the scope of the sports therapist can be treated at the St. Vincent Orthopaedic Institute by orthopaedic surgeons who are fellowship trained in sports medicine.

The D1 facility is located at 10 Viewpoint Cove in Little Rock and features a 60-yard indoor turf field, weight trainin and sports specific training programs developed for athletes. D1 is based in Nashville and has 16 locations across the United States. D1 has partnerships with elite athletes throughout the country including Tim Tebow, Kevin Durant, Peyton Manning, AJ Hawk, Herschel Walker and Chipper Jones.