Coworker Campaign

Together We're Stronger

If you have any questions or would like to donate, please contact the Foundation Office at 501.552.2380.

This campaign allows coworkers to support our mission and ministries. To date, more than $4 million has been invested in creating healthier communities since the annual campaign launched in 1982.

Proceeds from the campaign support scholarships; coworkers in deed; volunteers in medicine program; Community Clinics in Little Rock, North Little Rock, Conway and Hot Springs.

Thank you for supporting your peers, our patients and yourselves through this worthwhile program.

Clinics Serving Those in Need

Many of our co-workers answer a unique call to serve the poor and vulnerable in our communities.

Volunteers in Medicine: Our clinics in Little Rock and North Little Rock provide free health care and prescriptions to more than 2,500 patients yearly.

Community Clinics: Our clinics in Little Rock, Hot Springs and Conway collectively serve more than 10,000 patients a year who pay on a sliding scale basis.

Coworker Sharing Fund

We all need help from time to time. And for those unexpected times of need (like paying rent or utilities), we have a fund set aside to help co-workers through a rough patch. Any CHI St. Vincent co-worker is eligible to apply, and one doesn’t need to contribute in order to get help. The sharing fund is administered by a council of co-workers who determine how funds are distributed.

Coworker Scholarship Fund

It’s a tough decision to continue your education while working. Supporting the scholarship program helps remove some of the financial burden from your fellow co-workers who are trying to improve their lives and the lives of their family. Scholarships are awarded to those seeking technical, bachelor’s or another advanced degree in a field related to the co-worker’s area of employment.

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