Growing Arkansas Neuroscience Institute

The Arkansas Neuroscience Institute (ANI) neurosurgeons –  under the direction of world-renowned surgeon Dr. Ali Krisht, who stands among the Top 1% of neurosurgeons in the nation – perform more than 1,000 intricate surgeries each year.

They offer a comprehensive program incorporating all aspects of neurosurgery and the spectrum of neurological disorders: skull-base surgery, vascular neurosurgery, neuro-oncology, spine and spinal cord surgery epilepsy surgery and surgery for movement disorders.

Their patients’ three year survival rates for glioblastomas is 34% compared to the national average of 8.8%. Patients experience a much lower in hospital mortality rate for subarachnoid hemorrhage- 7% compared with 27% top quartile nationally. 80% of patients that present with subdural hematomas are discharged home or to rehab. 

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Changing the Future of Neuroscience in Arkansas

Arkansas Neuroscience has greatly exceeded capacity at our main campus for clinics, surgeries and critical care beds, as well as teaching and research space so they are moving to our North campus to expand their patient services and international training programs.

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Adjacent to the patient care facility, we will build a state-of-the art Education and Research Center. Arkansas Neuroscience Institute will focus on improving treatment outcomes and mapping of the human brain. Neurosurgeons from the Mayo Clinic, University of Illinois, Emory University, UAMS and others from around the world have sought training at ANI. And, a new generation of surgeons will continue to come here to learn the skills necessary to tackle the most complex cases and positively impact patient survival rates.

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